St. Edward High School’s inspiration for courage can be traced all the way back to post-Revolutionary France. Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C. founded the Congregation of Holy Cross with a call to educate young people no matter their social class or religion. He modeled the Congregation on the Holy Family, sending priests, sisters and brothers around the world to share his forward-thinking approaches to education, which are still relevant to the young people we educate today. He was welcoming, innovative, and above all, wanted to make quality Catholic education available to all who sought it.


Nearly two centuries later, Fr. Moreau’s vision still lives on our vibrant campus.

Hospitality is the hallmark of the St. Edward experience. We seek to create a culture where every Edsman feels he belongs and can thrive. It is the welcoming, family-oriented environment that sets the table for student success, and is a shared bond among all St. Edward Alumni, parents and friends.

Innovative programming – including International Baccalaureate, Pre-engineering, Entrepreneurship, Programming, Data Sciences and Film & New Media Studies – alongside the rigors of a college-preparatory curriculum, are the conduits by which we deliver our rich educational experience to students.

St. Edward’s commitment to affordability and accessibility is resolute. With more than $3 million committed to assisting families in 2016-2017, all students are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of a Holy Cross education.

Since 1949, hospitality, innovation and affordability have been the foundation of our school community and have shaped it into the thriving St. Edward High School that it is today.

As alumni, parents, and friends, you know this mission well. You have seen it in action in your classmates and friends, your teachers and coaches, and your sons and neighbors. Now, we ask you to join together to affirm this mission and ensure success of The Courage to Act: A Campaign for St. Edward High School.


St. Edward students come from near and far, bringing diverse interests and talents to our community. Fr. Moreau emphasized the importance of treating each student as an individual, but together, the students of St. Edward share a commitment to faith formation, excellence, relationships and servant leadership. With fingers extended to the sky, they represent that shared commitment as they sing the Alma Mater.