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Marilyn and David Palisin '64 were early supporters of The Courage to Act Campaign, making a leadership-level gift in 2016.  Their love and gratitude for St. Ed's compelled them to do more.  In late 2018, the Palisins met with President Jim Kubacki with an idea to present the St. Edward Community with an exciting challenge to complete The Commons, and fulfill the Hospitality Pillar of The Campaign.  The Palisins will generously match dollar-for-dollar every new gift that is given toward The Commons, up to a total of $1.5 million!  Student Body President Dan Conway '19 sat down with Mr. and Mrs. Palisin to learn more . . . 


Marilyn and David Palisin '64 with President Jim Kubacki

What inspired you to make a gift to St. Edward High School? 

David: When I was a student at St. Ed's.  I learned how to work hard and stay focused.  I was learning to become an entrepreneur, even though we didn't use that word back then.  I want future generations of Edsmen to have these same opportunities.  We did our financial planning and decided it was important to us to include St. Ed's.  I have been part of the Finance Committee for a number of years and have witnessed firsthand the great things St. Ed's is doing, but also know there are significant needs to make the school even better.  This Campaign was the opportunity to address those needs, and it also gave us the avenue to make our first gift to St. Ed's, and hopefully it is not our last! 

Your gift is in support of The Commons, which also includes a new cafeteria.  How have things changed since you walked the halls? 

David: St. Ed's is not the same school as when I was here, it looks different and it has really grown in terms of educational offerings.  It will be a nice addition to have The Commons.  St. Ed's is becoming a campus.  When I was a student, I used to bring a bag lunch, because I didn't have any money to buy the hot lunch.  I would bring a sandwich and an apple from home and then, as a treat, get French fries for $.07 a bowl.  Now it's probably $.07 for a fry! 

What other memories do you have of your time at St. Ed's?

David: I was daydreaming in Br. Anthony's class.  I was counting the cars on the train and there were 103.  Br. Anthony caught me and yelled, "Palisin, why don't you write 1 to 103 ten times for me."  I never forgot that!  

Marilyn: I have been hearing about St. Ed's since we were married 43 years ago.  Dave has many stories and would talk about the Brothers and how much they meant to him. 

What do you love about St. Ed's? 

Marilyn: I'm so impressed with St. Ed's.  The facilities, including the Holy Family Chapel, classrooms, and labs, are amazing.  The students also impress me.  You can tell they are quality young men.  

David: It's been 50 years since I graduated.  I am most impressed with how the school has moved forward in terms of education.  From the entrepreneurship program, engineering, IB, and scholarship support for students, it's wonderful.  And luckily for me, Marilyn loves St. Ed's too! 

What is your advice for me and my fellow seniors preparing to graduate in May? 

David: The biggest thing I learned at St. Ed's is discipline.  If you have that, nothing can stop you.  That's what I had, the discipline to be successful, work hard, and apply myself.  Just keep going and don't let things distract you from your goals and objectives that you have in life.  Also, go into business for yourself.  There is so much satisfaction in leading a company.  I decided to go into business for myself when I was 35 years old, and I learned a lot.  Do well for your employees.  My employees have been with me for over 30 years.  I treat them how I wanted to be treated, and that is also part of being successful. 


Why should the St. Ed's Community support the Act Now With Courage Challenge? 


David: We need our St. Ed's Community to step up for the Edsmen of the future.  I have always been an advocate in brick and mortar because we need to remain competitive.  The Challenge is our way to encourage everyone to give back and make a difference for the future of St. Ed's.  

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