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The Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation opened for the start of the 2018-2019 school year!


This exciting project, on the west side of the St. Edward campus, will bolster our already exceptional science, engineering, and entrepreneurship programs. The most significant aspect of this project is the addition of a third floor that will house the new Ken Layden '80 Center for Entrepreneurial Solutions. The 12,000-square foot addition houses thoughtfully-designed spaces that will inspire students to work collaboratively and develop solutions to diverse challenges. The interior of the space was designed by Cleveland's Prospectus Architecture with a wide-variety of configurable furniture, whiteboard walls and media centers that will provide students with all of the tools needed to effectively solve complex problems. 

On the main level, adjacent to the Holy Family Chapel is The Keehan Family Center for Advanced Sciences and will include four expansive, self-contained labs for students to experiment and explore applications in physics, chemistry, medical and life sciences. The Keehan Family Center for Advanced Sciences will also include a high performance computing lab that will provide the speed and power students need to be at the forefront of programming and data science. 

The expansion also includes a complete renovation and addition to the engineering classrooms, labs and maker spaces on the first floor in the H.C.S. Foundation Center for Engineering. What were originally traditional classrooms on that level have been reconfigured into a university-quality maker space, adding 2,000 square feet as well as a covered, outdoor work deck. Using our 17 years of experience as a guide, our engineering learning spaces have been renovated to exceed expectations. 

The Lowe Institute for Innovation has been designed to serve the needs of today's students so that they have the competence and courage to embrace the challenges that await them as they enter our world. Each floor of the three-story Institute will facilitate critical thinking, creativity and collaboration providing the resources for students and faculty to seamlessly explore, ideate, experiment, design, prototype, launch and grow their ideas. 

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