Dear St. Edward Community,

After more than 30 years as an educator, I know one thing to be certain – schools change lives. But great schools go beyond changing lives – they instill qualities in their students that become the fabric of who they are. Those students can, in turn, change the lives of others, like a ripple in a pond extending outward. St. Ed’s is a great school.

The essence of the St. Edward experience is to provide the foundation of faith and character that will not only define our young men, but more importantly, guide them to lead lives of purpose and service to others. We form the young men our world needs most!

I am inspired by the great care in which we achieve that most exceptional goal to prepare our young men to leave their marks on the world. In an environment rooted in support and belonging – in true brotherhood – we challenge every Edsman to grow in his faith, to discover and build upon his God-given talents, to develop lifelong relationships, and to embrace the courage needed to always put others before himself. Our Holy Cross Mission and Values are what make us unique.

The work of great schools is never complete. We are always looking forward – peeking over the horizon to prepare our students to excel in the world in which they will live, work, and serve. With that as our guide, we commence a bold new initiative – The Courage to Act Campaign. We do so knowing that its success means that countless lives will be positively impacted – both our students’ and those who they courageously go out into the world to serve.

Like our young men, we are asking you to have “The Courage to Act” to transform a life and allow St. Ed’s to continue to be woven into the foundational fabric of so many young men who seek to be part of our community.

I hope you will join me in this exciting new chapter in our school’s storied history! We could not dream without the generosity of so many whose support, directly and distinctly, will continue to impact the lives of Edsmen now and for decades to come.





Jim Kubacki, President