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Campaign Q&A: Sean Hennessy '75, The Courage to Act Campaign Co-Chair

Why did you agree to take on a leadership role for St. Edward and The Courage to Act Campaign? 

I agreed to Chair the Campaign for three reasons.  First, I believe deeply that the goals of this Campaign will fundamentally impact the educational experience provided to generations of Eagles to come.  Second, I wanted to do something for the school that taught me so much and played such an important part of my success in life.  And third, Jim Kubacki asked me to do it!  Jim is leading the St. Edward community through transformational change and I will do everything I can to support Jim and his team's efforts. 

How has St. Ed's evolved from your time as a student? 

St. Edward High School has evolved as the community and world around it has evolved. The school is much more diverse than in the mid-70's and provides fantastic opportunities to so many deserving young men.  The St. Ed's community continues to provide a safe, welcoming, yet challenging environment to students from a variety of neighborhoods and backgrounds.  For the past seven decades, St. Ed's has developed servant leaders who have enjoyed success in a wide range of professional endeavors and will continue to do so for decades to come. 

What lesson or memory do you take away from St. Ed's that remains with you? 
To be optimistic and to understand you are living in a world with others who must be respected and treated with dignity and respect.  I believe success comes from hard work and that is what St. Ed's and the Brothers of Holy Cross taught me.  Another life lesson learned at St. Ed's was the pursuit of excellence.  Life can be challenging and the commitment to excellence has provided rewards that certainly have provided a more meaningful life for my family and me. 

What makes St. Ed's so relevant today? 

St. Ed's creates and ignites in students an attitude that the pursuit of excellence is not only attainable, but also expected.  From the athletic field to the classroom, the engineering lab to the art studio, at school and at home - we call our students, parents, faculty, and staff to a consistent pursuit of this excellence.  As each student is encouraged throughout this pursuit, the goal has always been to develop and prepare our future servant leaders.  No matter where our students go or who they aspire to be, they will understand the pursuit of excellence and what it takes to attain it, ultimately fostering an edge used to guide, influence, and lead those around them.  St. Ed's is preparing the young men our world needs most. 

What would you say to someone who is considering a financial investment in St. Ed's and The Courage to Act Campaign? 

An investment is St. Edward and The Courage to Act Campaign is a commitment to values, to innovation and to making the future of St. Ed's great for generations of Eagles.  Our school, our Campaign, and our faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally.  I hope everyone is inspired to make a gift and support this worthy Campaign. 

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