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Talk to any St. Edward graduate and you will hear about people – the classmates who became lifelong friends and the teachers and coaches who challenged and inspired them. That’s why, through The Courage to Act Campaign, we seek to significantly increase our endowment to support students, faculty and staff.

Since our founding, St. Edward has always prided itself on welcoming students from all backgrounds. That commitment continues today: on average, 60% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance, which totals nearly $3.2 million annually. Strengthening our endowment is crucial to ensuring St. Edward continues to be accessible to families who seek a high-quality, Catholic education.

St. Edward is blessed with a talented faculty and staff who are driven to provide the very best education, one where every student can find his niche in the classroom, in faith formation, and in clubs and athletics. The Courage to Act Campaign presents an opportunity to invest in these outstanding educators by raising endowment dollars to support faculty salaries as well as funds for important professional development that is critical for St. Edward to remain at the forefront academically.


For many St. Edward families, the commitment to Catholic education is the most personal, the most impactful and the most significant investment they make. Affordability for all students is central to the Holy Cross philosophy, and each year, because of the generosity of so many St. Edward supporters, more than 60% of St. Edward students are granted the gift of access to a St. Edward education in the form of need-based financial aid and scholarships. The St. Edward Forward Scholars live our mission in exceptional ways, and are committed to making the most of their gift and paying it forward to the next generation of students.

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