In 2010, St. Edward High School was at a tipping point. Coming out of the recession, Catholic schools around the country were suffering from declining enrollment and the fear that without significant change they would be challenged to remain relevant.

Embracing that challenge, St. Edward pressed forward with clear vision, confident leadership and a committed faculty and staff who were driven by their vocation as educators to change the lives of the young men who chose St. Ed’s.

Six years later, St. Edward is seen as a model for deliberate growth in the face of adverse conditions. We have answered the call to provide the highest quality academic and extracurricular experience to prepare young men for the world they will live, lead and serve. We call the community together to generously support St. Ed’s in wide-ranging ways, helping to ensure that a St. Edward education is in reach for all who seek it. And, we have achieved significant growth – a clear sign that a St. Edward education is clearly in demand.